Tips N Tricks

How to Best Use Crayon Rocks

1.) You can help your children draw beautiful pictures by first starting with a strong drawing before trying to fill in the colors. Simple shapes, cleanly done, make for the most satisfying pictures. Outlining with a marker or pointy crayon after coloring adds definition and covers any stray marks they may not like. 

2.) Then encourage them to use the flat sides of the crayon instead of the tip so they get broad swaths of color on the paper.  Tell them to cover up ALL the white paper.  ALL of IT!  They will be glad they did and it’s not hard with Crayon Rocks.

3.) Tell them to put some muscle behind the crayon. Really press down.  And don’t be afraid to layer colors.  If they don’t like what they’ve done, chances are they can scrape it off or erase it off. 

4.) In the end, give the picture a quick buff with tissue or the palm of the hand.  The surface will shine up like it has been waxed….which, of course, it has!