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...And every museum gift shop has those overpolished stones right by the cash register, forcing you to explain to your kids why you won't pay for something you could just as easily scavenge at the beach.  The nuggets shown here may look as if they've fallen from a souvenir "treasure bag" but they're much more useful:  They're crayons.  Better yet, they're made of soy way, a renewable resource that goes onto paper smoothly, much like pastels.  The pebble shape even encourages a proper three-finger grip, helping to prepare young children for handwriting.

Cookie Magazine, Christopher Healy

What parents say...

An awesome product for kids working on their fine motor skills.  Our son (age 4) had never drawn anything identifiable but started drawing full scenes (spaceships) within minutes of getting Crayon Rocks.  I guess he had the pictures in his head; he just needed a crayon that would allow him to let them come out.               

Mathew and Erin B., parents

What teachers say...

FANTASTIC PRODUCT!!! Use it with my 3s/4s class and can't say enough good things.  Are they -- or will they -- be available in other colors?  I am so pro-crayon rocks I can't keep my mouth shut about them!!  Thanks!!!                   

KG, Houston 

I love these rock crayons!  Children need this ergonomic grip to prepare them for holding crayons, pencils and pens in a position that will enable them to draw and write without cramping their hands.  The bad habits formed by early wrongful gripping of drawing and writing tools will rarely be broken as a child grows into using them frequently.  Enjoy all these wonderful colors! 

Beth B, Clive, IA, Second Grade Teacher and Calligrapher

What occupational therapists say...

I can't imagine any pediatric occupational therapist who would not want to have Crayon Rocks as part of their repertoire for helping students to improve their hand skills.  You have created a most helpful tool!

Sue Trautman, MA, OTR/L

I want to thank you for sending me the sample crayon rocks! We are completely sold on this product. We have told ALL the parents about you guys!  We had a preschool class of 4 kids with really terrible grips in June when you sent them to us. We had coloring labs set out on the table, and we replaced the broken crayons with the crayon rocks. EVERY SINGLE ONE of the kids immediately grasped it with a tripod grasp!  Since then, all our kids have done well, except for kids with hyperextended thumb IP joints - and we have another trick for that.

Jan McCleskey, MA, OTR, The Handwriting Clinic 

What kids say...

First thing I think is that its wonderful because it has the right grip and its easier to color that way.  They're not dry like other crayons.  I love them because they are creamy and they blend together.

Armenuhi, 10 years 

The crayons are very nice and they have cool colors.  They look like rocks.  That's cool. 

Michael, age 12

The crayons  are cool and fun to use.  They have a lot of colors.  I like to use them most for painting in my drawings. 

Kelly, 11 years