About Us

Barbara Lee is the creator of "Crayon Rocks" . She taught children with special needs for 23 years.  She invented Crayon Rocks after being inspired by Jan Olsen, OTR, and the Handwriting Without Tears program.  She learned from her how important it was to develop early a good tripod grip. Handwriting skills depends upon this.Since a child's first writing tool is usually a crayon, that crayon should be one that encourages him or her to use thumb, first and second fingers in a tripod grip.  This is what makes Crayon Rocks a wonderful tool for fine motor development.

A Little Goes a Long Way

A really good crayon should take very little effort in applying great swaths of color to the paper.  In fact, that crayon should be as much like paint as possible.  Rich color that goes on smoothly and easily helps little fingers to grow strong as they spill their creative ideas onto paper.

Barbara created a coloring tool that students with grip strength problems and disorders effecting fine motor control could use AND enjoy. Children with cerebral palsy, autism, developmental delays and various forms of learning disabilities have tested Crayon Rocks in the classroom.  Parents and teachers of special needs students often say how much their children love them.  

Crayon Rocks Canada

Our first experience with Crayon Rocks was while researching for our toy business, Andy's Toy Shop. We were looking for other quality products that promoted motor skills development. Our motivation came from watching our own children grow and the challenges they faced. Both of our children ended up having issues with their pencil grip. We were so impressed when trying the crayons out on our own daughter, we decided to start selling it in our store. The response was overwhelming. Even adults who had previous issues with their pencil grips were remarkably impressed with how easy and "painless" the Crayon Rock way is.

We felt with a passion that Crayon Rocks needed to be in Canada. In the schools, at home, in the therapists office, in the hospitals, the list was endless. It would help so many children, just like ours. From the simple act of coloring, and strengthening the finger muscles a multitude of pain and frustration could be avoided. It can't get any better than that.

It has been very rewarding and exciting working with Barbara. Her enthusiasm, humor and creativeness has made it a breathtaking journey. We love the product, but we love more what it gives to the end user... miracle after miracle!~

Andy & Nadine